Saturday, October 3, 2009


Light and shadow is the topic of the day!

Why? You may ask.....

because i like it!

Shadows are so interesting to me. I think it's something about the mystery and the nuance that surrounds them. I have been looking at some artists that use shadow in interesting ways.

Remember Xu Bing? He came for Penny Stamps and I remember being really blown away by his work. I didn't really understand his lecture, but luckily his work spoke for itself.

So great!

Apparently, there is something about those fabulous Asian Artists.... because Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita does some really beautiful things with shadows and figures as well.

Street artists have also had a history of using shadow for their art. Ellis Gallagher, for example. He traces shadows at night using chalk. During the day, their shadows exist where they wouldn't normally.

Finally, Tim Noble and Sue Webster are London-based artists (also absolutely brilliant!)

So I'm making shadow monsters these days..... more to come on that topic later!

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