Sunday, October 11, 2009



My project, ever evolving, is becoming photogram-tastic! My first big test for large-scale photogrammin' is scheduled for this weekend (assuming I can get the chemicals in time). I will be treating a king-size sheet in a lovely mix of Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate. Then, my three sisters and I will don nightgowns and lie together on the sheet. Once exposed, it will probably look something like this:Haha.... but, seriously. The idea for this mostly stems from the fact that the four of us used to sleep together a lot in one big bed. It also represents this incredibly feminine household I grew up in and my relationships with my sisters. And I'm not entirely uncomfortable with the Virgin Suicides reference. I am super excited to get working and be able to test some things out. However, I am feeling a little nervous about getting my sisters to participate. I did talk to them and they seemed willing, but they also think I am crazy. And if the weather does not participate, I know they will not be willing to lay out in the freezing cold with me. So I am just a little nervous, especially since this is my one big shot for a while (my sister Lisa lives in Florida and will only be in town for the weekend). But here's to hoping that the stars align and things work out!

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