Monday, November 2, 2009

toy giraffes, body parts, and apple tarts

ever working, never writing....

i have failed in my bloggerly duties. but i am back on board and am excited about some work i have been doing as of late.

i am trying to master the process and the technique of the cyanotype. i want to master the basics so that i can really work with the process and test the boundaries. i have done several tests with different objects/subjects:

the body; or at the very least, a body part. i think this appears a little eerie; sort of strange. a little titanic or x-ray. i am not sure how i feel about this arm separate from the body. i am thinking about what it means to separate the body parts from one another and why that would work and not work.

the body is a very important part of my original concept; one of the main reasons i began pursuing alternative process and specifically, the photogram. i wanted to make people themselves become a part of the art. however, i am not sure how crucial or realistic this is. this is one of the many questions i am asking myself at this point. how important is the physical human aspect and how do i make that work? especially as it gets colder and the light sources are limited, i am analyzing whether or not that is the core of this work.

a test using chain and film strip; perhaps a tid bit over exposed. i am especially fond of how the chain looks.

testing how paper cuts work with the process. not bad, but a little too clear for me. leaves out the mystery that i believe exists in a sincere photogram...

exposure study meets the rain; that's what the lovely drip to the left and the white speckles throughout are.

family photo from 1915 turned into silhouette cutouts, tested with differing exposure times. i need to start printing photos on mylar and transferring into cyanotype.

this one is my favorite test. i love the mystery and the nostalgia that appears in this image of the toy giraffe. i think this one gave me some great ideas for where to go next. i am going to start looking at the childhood toy and doing some more prints like this little giraffe friend.

endi also suggested that i start looking at scale. so now that i have scanned these little tests in, i can start to play with how they might appear. i have been focused on the process and getting the science right. but i need to start to shift to the content of what i am trying to say and in what way.

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